Dear Skyyler,
Suicide Party: Project 0
Suicide Party  
Budget: $35,000.oo (The film is currently approximately 72% financed.)
Seeking         Investments and/or Product Placement
Pitch         Suicide Party: Project 0 comes from the author Gini Graham Scott with over 30 publications and the award-winning director Jack Skyyler with 1 REMI & 3 "Best Director" awards (Directorial Reel). The stars are Glynn Praesel (of Palo Pinto Gold) and Tom Malloy (of The Alphabet Killer and Love N' Dancing).
Suicide Party is a low-budget found-footage indie feature film. This format minimizes the production cost while maximizing the impact or the actors performance on the audience by allowing the actor to connect directly to the camera. The highest margins profit in film have consistently from low-budget found-footage indie films. Examples of these are The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, & V/H/S, each of these films grossed over 2,000%! Suicide Party is taking a fresh approach to the found-footage indie film in that we are creating a dark comedy / drama along the lines of the Block Buster film Project X.
Best New DirectorBest DirectorREMIBest Short HorrorBest Feature ComedyBest Short Horror Director
Synopsis         Dave lost his job, then his girlfriend, and finally his dignity; but he puts it all on the line for a final shot at the life he once had. If Dave's Suicide Party raises $100,000, Dave will live, if not, Dave will end it all on television in one of the craziest live-media events!
R.O.I.         Returns on investment are structured as follows: Initial investment repayed to 120% from first returns plus 45% of additional returns divided proportionally among investors.
Even if the returns from Suicide Party: Project 0 were only 20% of the least of the found-footage indie above the total return on investments of $35,000.oo would be $88.000.oo.*
* Note: This page does not constitute an offer to sell or an opportunity to invest. This is merely for informative purposes.
* Further note: Any investment is speculative and involves risk. All projects or returns are merely guess from the filmmakers.