Dear Skyyler,
Suicide Party #SaveDave
Suicide Party
Title:Suicide Party #SaveDave
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Genre:Dark Comedy/Drama
Production:Changemakers Productions & Dear Skyyler Productions
Directors:Alex Zinzopoulos & Jack Skyyler
Writers:Gini Graham Scott, Alex Zinzopoulos & Jack Skyyler
Cast:Stephen Medvidick, Rick Lundgren, & Anna Shields
Producers:Alex Zinzopoulos, Jack Skyyler, Gini Graham Scott, & Glynn Praesel
Runtime:90 minutes
Synopsis:Synopsis: Dave is an average American, he had a good job, but lost it, he had money and lost it, he had a fiancée and lost her. Finally, Dave decides to crowd fund to get his money and hopefully his life back, if Dave's Suicide Party raises $100,000, Dave will live, if not, Dave will end it!
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