Dear Skyyler,
Suicide Party
Director:Alex Zinzopoulos & Jack Skyyler
Writer:Alex Zinzopoulos & Jack Skyyler
Runtime:10 minutes
Tagline:One man who downloaded all the porn! (And crashed a small town!)
Plot:Pornado is a short film concept inspired by Workaholics. A pothead/computer-tech stays after work in a giant office complex with one goal: Download all the porn! He's up all night smoking weed and downloading porn! It's not going to be raunchy; it's going to be hysterical. A poor guy in an office complex that's been fishbowled. He'll be high as a kite fighting real and imagined threats. As the porn overloads the server and catches it on fire! As the computer viruses start escaping from the office complex out into the town even killing the traffic lights! As he's unwittingly unleashed the Pornado!
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