Dear Skyyler,
Hitting the Wall
Hitting the Wall
Title:Hitting the Wall
Awards:Silver REMI (Houston WorldFest), Best New Director & Best Director (Downbeach Film Festival)
Nominations:Best Feature Film, Best Actor, & Best Writer (Downbeach Film Festival)
Videos:Trailer & Chapter #4 (sample)
Genre:Sports Drama
Production:Dear Skyyler Productions
Director:Jack Skyyler
Writer:Jack Skyyler
Cinematographer:Joel Brook
Cast:Nick Marcucci, Glynn Praesel, Sharlota Kay
Runtime:65 minutes
Tagline:Life doesn't always go the way you plan it.
Synopsis:After injuring his leg, a runner struggles through rehab, attempting to return to the sport and regain his identity as a runner.
REMIBest New DirectorBest Director